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Been working on a passion project for almost a full year. It's an advanced bookmarking/curation tool for @twitter. I've made a lot of tweaks since I started and looking for some "Beta Curators" to help me break it so that I can make it better. DM if interested 🤘
Really appreciate all the support and feedback with this project. Means a lot. Special shout out to @hulibili. If you need UX/UI feedback, she's definitely one to reach out to. Fav feature suggestion of hers is the ability to assign gallery tags when adding tweets via URL... 🙌
Built an "activity" alerts feature for @twirlHQ. So fun to see it working (never built anything like this before). All activity is stored as a JSON file that updates each time a user collects a tweet that you added. Viewing your activity marks all unread alerts as "read". 🤘😎🤘
Playing with threads...
Playing with pricing. Thinking of experimenting with a special life-time "LAUNCH" price that lasts for just the *first week* after the flood gates open up — hopefully in the next week or so🤞 — and goes up from there with each feature add-on. 🤔
More thread playing. Thinking these overlays are a better experience than scrolling the tiny cards. Special shout-out to @MuseumofCrypto and @dave_krugman for posting cool sh_t to play with 🤘
Thinking about “featured curators”...

My Notes:

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Christopher John

Pro Curator

$99 /yearPay what you can