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I started using Twitter in 2008 to find a job in startups in SF I had little money and was desperate to find a way to America Instead I found something else…
My voice I found my writing voice on Twitter Twitter is the best writing class you can take If you can write well for Twitter, you can write well anywhere And if you can write well on the internet, luck is in your favor
Friends Some of my best friends I’ve made on airplanes or on Twitter You are the average of the five people you tweet the most with If you tweet, you’ll attract “your people” Tagging mine: @shaanvp @sahilbloom @nikitabier @julian @sweatystartup @austin_rief
Education Twitter is a firehose of knowledge I learned about the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2009 I learned about Instagram the day it launched in 2010 I learned about Steve’s Jobs’ death in 2011 :( Point: if you want to learn about things early, Twitter is where you want to be
Teammates Most of my teammates I met on Twitter People just cold DMed me or I cold DMed them - You are one Twitter DM away from your dream job - You are one Twitter DM away from your dream hire
Positivity Yes, there’s a ton of bad vibes on Twitter. It sure makes me cringe But, I think there is way more good vibes than bad People are sharing what’s on their mind. Their struggles, their wins, their shower thoughts It’s 95% beautiful vibes, 5% troll vibes
Encouragement Startup life is tough You’d be surprised how much random words of encouragement matter Ex: “I love your product” “Your blog post really changed how I think” Encouragement is fuel for the motivation tank
Investors I launched a rolling fund last week and raised six figures in 48h All from a tweet Being known and trusted helps you raise money Twitter is the fast-track to being known and trusted Invest alongside me: (spots limited)
Newsletter subscribers If you want to grow your newsletter, grow your Twitter My Substack ( ) has grown almost exclusively through Twitter Tip: change your bio to add a call-to-action to subscribe. Adjust your location to subscribe (see mine)
Twitter is what you make out of it I just named a few things that it brought me What have you found on Twitter?

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