FireFox is blocking Twitter content

To view content on tw-rl, follow these steps...

  1. Click on the shield in the address bar.
  2. Toggle the switch at the top of the panel.
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About tw-rlLast updated September 10th, 2021

Add Link Cards

There are 4 ways to add cards to your page:

1. Collect cards on

☝️ You can twirl cards to add your #gallery #tags.

2. Copy + paste links

☝️ Grab a link and paste it in the “Add Link Card” user menu section.

3. Use the browser extension

4. Reply to tweets

☝️ Just add “@twirlHQ” and the #gallery #tags you want to add or create.

PRO TIP: adding link cards via “@twirlHQ” reply can be done unlimited times without a Pro Curator subscription!

Group Tweet Threads

To combine a single-author thread of tweets, you can do one of the following…

Check the box…

☝️ Check the “tweet thread” box and add the *last tweet* in the thread.

…or reply with “loop”…

☝️ The word “loop” is included to inform tw-rl that you want to add the entire thread and end on this tweet.

PRO TIP: adding tweet threads via “@twirlHQ loop” reply can be done unlimited times without a Pro Curator subscription!

IMPORTANT: both methods of “looping” tweets requires the *last tweet* allowing you to control where the thread should STOP.

Organize Your Cards

Group cards into collections with #gallery #tags and filter by media types like images, videos, links and words.

Create new #galleries:

1 From the “Add Link Card” user menu section or…

2 From the “My Galleries” user menu section or…

3 Adding #gallery #tags in your reply-to-add tweet on

Edit your #galleries:

1 Navigate to the “My Galleries” user menu section

2 Tap the #gallery you want to edit.

3 Change the name, delete, make private or re-order your #gallery

Cards are grouped into media types automatically:

1 images — if the card has images attached or linked to images from platforms like dribbble, Unsplash, VSCO and more.

2 videos — either attached videos or links to video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo

3 links — if no images/videos found, any URLs found will generate a title, description and preview image of the URL

4 words — text-only cards with no media/links found OR tweets grouped together as a thread.

Search + Discover

Save Curators

Install the Browser Extension

☝️ The tw-rl extension makes adding link cards from any page you’re on as simple as a click in the chrome bar — Chrome version / Firefox version

Questions or Feedback?

Check out the FAQs below or feel free to DM @twirlHQ

Why do I need to authorize access on Twitter?

In order for tw-rl to access ANY tweets on, a user “access token” is required. Each token allows tw-rl to access tweets up to 900 times within a 15 minute window.

Without an access token for each user, tw-rl’s single token would quickly max out and prevent any access to More info →

Additionally, in order to create a “curator profile” for you on tw-rl, a username and email is required. Authorization allows you to easily login to tw-rl WITHOUT having to remember a unique username or password. does NOT use your Twitter authorization for anything else.

Why can’t I use bookmarks?

Good question! For some reason, Twitter did NOT include bookmark access in their public API 🤷‍♂️
Who is tw-rl for?

tw-rl is intended for avid collectors that want to visually save/organize links so they can quickly and easily revisit them.

tw-rl might also be a useful portfolio showcase tool for artists or writers that regularly share their work on multiple platforms.

What is tw-rl?

tw-rl (pronounced “twirl”) is a bookmarking and curation platform.
What does it cost?

tw-rl is free to use, but I’m working on premium features to support the project ongoing as hosting and maintaining tw-rl is *NOT* free 😉
What is a ‘Pro Curator’?

Pro Curator is an upgraded tw-rl experience for avid users. For the full list of features and pricing, click here.
Where can I read the privacy policy?

You can read the privacy policy here: Privacy Policy
Where can I read the terms of service?

You can read the terms of service here: Terms of Service

Have you ever tried looking for “that one tweet” from weeks, months or even YEARS ago?

I have 👋

Often I found myself scrolling for what felt like forever looking for that…





After a few experiences of WASTING TIME scrolling through my “Media” tab on Twitter, the desire to group tweets into filterable collections became so strong that tw-rl was born.

Why is tw-rl not loading in FireFox?

FireFox has a “content blocker” that blocks access to social networks like Twitter, which is what powers Here’s how to fix that…

  1. Click on the shield to the left of the address bar.
  2. Toggle the switch at the top of the panel.

This will turn off Enhanced Tracking Protection for tw-rl. The page will reload automatically and allow trackers on only.

You can message us for additional help on Twitter: @twirlHQ

How do I add cards?

First, sign in to tw-rl via Twitter

Once connected, you can reply to any tweet with “@twirlHQ” + the hashtag of the gallery you’d like to add to or create (e.g. “@twirlHQ #art”).

You can also add cards from your user avatar menu by copy/pasting a link URL.

How long does it take for tweets to show on my page?

After replying to a tweet on twitter, it may take up to 8-10 minutes for your tweet to be added to your tw-rl page.

tw-rl periodically checks your account for replies, but it does not happen instantly. That said, if your tweet is not added within 8-10 minutes of your reply, please DM @twirlHQ

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