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There are 1,600 people sleeping in tents in Matamoros, a city the State Dept. lists as the highest level of danger for frequent kidnappings, murders, sexual assaults etc. Juana is one of them. She was sent back here w/her husband & 4 m/o baby, w/nothing but a bag of paperwork.
She tried to seek asylum in the US. CBP turned her away under Remain in Mexico, sending her back across the border as night fell—no aid, no instructions on how to survive, little idea why this was happening. The family was shocked to be sent back. They hadn't prepared for this.
Her baby has a fever & no access to medical services. They had nowhere to sleep when they arrived in the tent encampment. It was only b/c volunteers & fellow migrants found them food & a tent that they've been able to survive. The infrastructure isn't there to care for them.
This is the daily reality of some 50,000 people returned to Mexico under Trump. They're told to come back in a few months for a court date, no way to speak to a lawyer in the meantime, forced to survive in a country not their own, in often dangerous border towns.
We're doing this to pregnant women like Maria, who's trying to care for a family, dealing with pregnancy, & sleeping in a tent. She was kidnapped in Mexico & then sent back to it. She tried to seek aid in this country & she was turned away.
RAICES @RAICESTEXASMaria is 27. She fled Honduras w/her husband & two kids. Gangs threatened her brother, endangering her family. On her way to seek asylum, she was kidnapped in Mexico. Her father paid thousands to release her. Now she's back in Mexico, courtesy of the US. Oh, & she's pregnant.
We're doing this to trans women like Natasha, who was violently attacked in her homeland & suffers anti-trans abuse daily in Mexico. She was given little chance to explain why she'd be in danger if she was returned to Mexico.
RAICES @RAICESTEXASOur team just returned from Matamoros, where there are 1,600 people sleeping in tents by the border b/c they have been returned under Remain in Mexico. Hundreds of people in a sprawling tent encampment w/no infrastructure—mothers, children, ordinary people. People like Natasha.
We're doing this to *tens of thousands* of people—families, women, children, anyone who tries to seek asylum *as guaranteed by both US & international law.* They're in limbo in a foreign land, abandoned by us. MPP—Remain in Mexico—must end. #StopMPP

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