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Over 1M blog posts are published daily. Google is shrinking organic results in SERPs. etc etc. SEO is harder, but that’s fine bc you’re strong. 💪 Here are a few creative things you can do to drive your organic traffic up. 🚀 Thread time🧵
1/ Buy other websites There are tons of websites out there that are aged and have a ton of backlinks. E.g. a news website that primarily uses ads to monetize might be getting crushed right now. Take it over, redirect and plug in a better biz model.
2/ Where to buy websites You can use Ubersuggest or @ahrefs to find the right websites. Best way is hand to hand combat and sourcing them yourself. You can also use sites like @microacquire from @agazdecki or FE international from @ThomasSmale @fe_wrixen
3/ Monitor your decaying content and update it You can use tools like ClickFlow’s content decay to monitor traffic that you’re losing on important pages. Here’s a screenshot (full disclosure it’s my company):
4/ Test title tags/meta descriptions to drive a higher CTR You can use Google Search Console to look for pages with a high impression count or clickthrough rate and then update the titles/descriptions to get a higher CTR. ClickFlow has a feature for that:
5/ Add more keywords to your current content or when you’re writing Most of your writers don’t know how to do SEO, and that’s fine. Just simply make it part of the workflow by telling them what keywords they should be adding. Example:
6/ Utilize FAQ schema to get a higher CTR Matthew Woodward has a good post (and a WP plug-in) if you’re looking to get more real estate on the SERPs. Check it out.
7/ Utilize the SEO audit tools available We actually use the @ahrefs SEO audit tool weekly to keep us updated on the health our website. Our developer has it as part of their weekly workflow to fix the issues that pop up.
8/ If you want to play around with ClickFlow, you can go to
9/ If you want to play around with ClickFlow’s content decay, you can go to the link below. It’s free:

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