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My guide to startups: I've lost millions, hired hundreds, raised millions and sold companies before the age of 30 Read this to become better:
Venture capital & PR are like drugs Drugs can kill you or save your life Use accordingly.
If you’re lucky: your startup will be copied. Don’t be mad The best startup revenge is overwhelming product/market fit
Okinawa is an Island in Japan with the highest life expectancy. It's called "the land of immortals" The secret: almost everybody gardens Entrepreneurship is a marathon not a sprint. Be sustainable Find your gardening.
A wonderful online course is so valuable its like you’re stealing from the teacher A bad online course is a teacher stealing from you Tip: scout out for wonderful online courses A few dollar investment will completely change a life
For most people: forget Harvard or living in SF With the internet, you are more powerful than you think you are 1) Learn anything you want 2) Connect with anyone you want 3) Be anyone you want What a time to be alive
Startup life is a life full of rejection No rejection, no progress
How to learn quickly: Ask questions. You almost never learn while you are talking
Gratefulness: makes it hard for you to be fearful
Recruiting is not hiring Recruiting is actively seeking the best people to create the best possible team Hiring is pulling the trigger Founders should always be recruiting
Most sales people stop after one or two rejections. Go until two or three I bet your sales go up Lesson: try and try some more
A good job interview is the same as a good therapy session Ask questions & learn
To-do lists are overrated A “not to-do” list is more effective than a to-do list. Keeps you from being exceptional Focus is the holy grail
Quincy Jones would talk to every person at a book signing and leave a personalized note even if it took him until 3 AM to get home He understood the power of making people feel heard Personalization is the secret weapon to build loyalty for your customers & team
This may sound silly but: A single viral tweet can change your life forever (h/t @sweatystartup) Going viral can transform your business Point: It's worth experimenting
Maybe this thread will go viral Follow me @gregisenberg for more thread about startups, internet communities and niches I'll make it worth the follow
2 criteria for success: 1) you’re happy 2) you’re making other lives better
I once had my identity stolen. It sucked Tip: use a password manager like @1Password Saves time and gives you peace of mind
When dealing with someone upset, think: Have they slept, eaten, or been bothered by someone? Sensitivity to people is a superpower
How to build relationships: - Don’t dismiss people - Don’t be a jerk - Don’t rush - Don’t interrupt Be positive & kind
Fear kills startups & dreams. Don't let it! Stressed is the word that high achievers use for fear Never be fearful, OK to be stressed sometimes Tip: Master micro-bravery. conquer fear by breaking it down into smaller steps
Many team issues are like cavities: long term that people never can address the main issue Band-aids never work. Address main issues You can’t fix something that starts with a poor foundation
Good questions to ask yourself everyday before bed: - What have you done today to help someone - What is something nice that someone has done for you - What did you learn - What can I do to be better tomorrow?

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