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Alright @budlight backed up the Brinks truck for all these cameos! #BudLightLegends
Ok @ChipotleTweets. I get the point. You grow your food to power the future. I like it. Didn’t wow me. But it worked. Got me thinking about a burrito.
Giving away money as a #SuperBowl ad feels like a cheap engagement play. But for @MountainDew it probably works. Plus... @JohnCena
Sentimental spot from @indeed. Didn’t hate it as a message. Worth the Super Bowl money? Eh
DRAKE FROM STATE FARM! 😂 I like this @StateFarm
First reference to 2020? @budlight seltzer lemonade. Not their best.
The @oatly CEO singing is weird. But pretty funny. Not sure if it was worth the spot. But I like it for what it was.
MAKE ME FEEL SOMETHING. Love that @Toyota. #Olympics
LMAO @etrade with the Karate Kid reference 😂 I love that!! So many references with that. The perfect storm. I dig it.
I hate Mayo in general. @BlakeGuidry_ knows this. But the Hellman’s spot... meh
Another @paramountplus winner. @CowherCBS reacting to Beavis and Butthead 😂 😆
Another @turbotax spot. Idk what I think about that one. I mean, I get it.
@tide Jason Alexander hoodie 😂 Greatest American Hero theme 😂
@DrSquatchSoapCo spot 😳 I see these on IG all the time. Was the $$ worth it? Don’t know. But the Dollar Shave Club/Purple commercial formula is getting old for me
I’ve totally changed my mind on @oatly’s ad. As @iiiitsandrea said, they are pulling a stunt, led by the ad on TV. That ad was shot 3 years ago, it’s on YouTube, here: And they knew you’d hate it! How? Check out what they’re selling:
And @oatly @OatlyUS knows exactly how bad that spot was. SO WELL DONE. This is impressive.
OatlyUS @OatlyUS@hutchinson Seems like a popular opinion. We're all out of t-shirts.
You really going to talk back to Samuel L Jackson while he’s holding a sparkle stick!? Enough out of you @TeamJuJu !! 😂 Samuel L. makes everything better. Really enjoyed that from @Verizon
Wayne’s World. @iamcardib. @UberEats #EatLocal That’s a solid one right there.
Travis Kelce needs to show up the way he did in that @TMobile commercial #SuperBowl
@MichelobULTRA had a lot of faces. Message was nice. They’ve done a lot around social with the celebs presence. The spot didn’t pay off for me but I know it’s part of more.
Hahahahahahaha #Fiverr with the Four Seasons Landscaping shot. That will be memorable. @FiverrSupport
@DiRealShaggy @aplusk Mila for @ChesterCheetah 😂 I absolutely loved that. “that’s the first time that ever worked” 😂
I love @RealChalamet and Winona. I don’t love that @Cadillac ad. Just didn’t do it for me. The Edward Scissor hands references was good. But the ad took too long to develop.
@MichelobULTRA we need each other. Let’s grab a beer. Simple. Human. I like it.
Wow. That’s what I just said to that @Jeep ad. ReUnited States of America. Very very well done. The tone fits the brand and the message is STRONG.
Christopher Walken (sounding) voiceover leading off and tons of celebs pimping out @MichelobULTRA Seltzer 😂
Is this the first time the @alexa99 @michaelb4jordan ad ran!? This is just so damn good. Love love love it
@GuaranteedRate with a “climb the mountain”. Simple messaging. Clear. Concise. Not gonna win the ad bowl, but it works.
No comments on the Robinhood ad. Shouldn’t have run one.
@reddit was really creative. Forcing you to pause and read it.

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