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I got a pair of these cheap air humidifiers and decided to turn one of them into a “smart device”. Follow this thread for updates on the project 🤓
FYI this is it for today. The next step is to get all of the software together before wiring everything up more permanently, stay tuned for updates.
Update: I took some time away from the rest of the hardware today in order to learn how to use the BLE stack on an ESP32 board (yes, I decided to use an ESP32 board for this project). It was quite easy to get this working and talking to a tiny SwiftUI app on an iPhone.
This is not the board I’ll be using for the final project, but since this one has a built-in OLED display, it was a great way to make something tangible using BLE without any external hardware.
It took me some time today to figure out how to get the ESP8266 HomeKit project to work (probably in part due to my insistence in using my M1 Mac for this), but I got it working and added to my Home app.
Just published a post on how I got the ESP8266 package to work with the Arduino Pro IDE on my M1 Mac

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