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8 JavaScript Libraries every developer should know. A Thread ⬇️
🔹Lodash Lodash is a JavaScript library which provides utility functions for common programming tasks.  Lodash contains tools to simplify programming with strings, numbers, arrays, functions and objects.
🔹SWFObject This simple yet powerful JS library is mainly used to embed flash SWF files in HTML documents. It supports only SWF files, and no other media types can be embedded using SWFObject.  More here 👇
🔹 http://Socket.IO A highly reliable library that allows for event-based two-way communication between the server and the browser window. It has a node.js server and the browser client library.
🔹Modernizr Modernizr provides feature detection i.e., it tells you the JS, HTML, and CSS features that your browser has. This helps in knowing and avoiding the unimplemented features.
Verge3D Adding the Verge3D toolkit, developers can create beautiful 3D visualizations on websites, for example, puzzles, UI and website layouts, animation, AR/VR, and much more, bringing out the artist in you. More here 👇
🔹Anime.js One of the best animation libraries that makes staggering follow-through animations so simple, Anime.js is light-weight and comes with a clean yet powerful API. With Anime, you can set various properties of CSS at different timings.
🔹Parsley Parsley library makes form validation process simple. It detects changes to the form data and adjusts the validations dynamically, giving the result almost instantly. All you have to do is write the form validation requirements in your HTML.
🔹Three.js Three.js include many features like geometry, lights, materials, shaders, effects, scenes, data loaders, animation, and much more. The library is a single js file.
These are a collection of brilliant libraries to include in your project. Don't forget to follow me for more threads like this 🔥 Also, kindly retweet the first tweet.

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