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The Z-index is a powerful yet confusing concept of CSS Let's make it easy in this quick threadπŸ‘‡ 🧡
z-index is a CSS property that controls stacking order of elements along Z axis. Image a hypothetical line starting from your eye to screen, that is Z-axis
⭐ Note that z-index only works on positioned elements. You need to specify the position (relative, absolute, sticky, fixed) if you want to arrange an element using z-index
πŸ“Œ z-index of nested elements Let's say two elements A and B are siblings with element B written after element A in DOM, then the children of element A cannot be higher than element B no matter what z-index is being applied on children See this in actionπŸ‘‡
Play around with code for better understanding. Any doubts? Post belowπŸ‘‡

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