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My "UX of Home Appliances" tweets got a bit of traction so I'm being a bit more proactive, showing how I'd solve the problem. Let's start with the original confusing design: Heavy borders Packed grid Abbreviated text Excessive functions ALL CAPS
It's lazy to try a redesign using a full digital screen with 1000s of colors. I'm going to constrain myself to monochrome, using basic silkscreened paint on a simple touch surface. Stick with the technology you're given whenever possible.
First pass is just graphics, keeping the original text. It's a big improvement but it only shows how much more there is: the text is too complicated, things don't line up and any simple "just make it turn on" feeling is not there. We need to go deeper
Second pass is a just a sketch, not a final design, simplifying the text and prioritizing functions. It raises a TON of questions: How to handle convection How did the original design STOP? Who uses ROAST? Delay vs start/stop? Feedback for toggle commands (LIGHT & PROBE)
Some of these are trivial (use the display for feedback on the toggle commands) some are solvable (we need a better "on/off model" for the user) and some will be hard (marketing will fall on their sword to have ROAST)
But this is the divergent part of design, we're a velociraptor testing the electric fence. This type of work can be infuriating to clients as it feels like a step backwards. You share this work cautiously but start the conversation, getting agreement on the fundamentals
It is certainly possible to make things better with a visual refresh. However, to truly make something customers will love, you must go deeper and radically simplify the product structure.

My Notes:

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