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1/8 The Wealth Management Playbook for NFT Creators While I am excited to see the amount of growth in NFTs , I also deeply care about the people who are being given a lifetime opportunity to earn it and keep it. Don't be "that guy" who had it and lost it all. Let's Geddit:
2/8 Debt: Pay it off Contraty to popular belief, you cannot build a sustainable empire on a rickety house of cards. The majority of debt sucks and will suck you for all your worth when you're both in and out of the money. Prioritize paying off debt over all other expenses.
3/8 Rain Day Fund: Have one Earnings are cyclical in nature and nobody shoots straight to the moon. Accumulating a rainy day fund that covers all your expenses (rent, food, utilities) for at least 6 months and then expanding it is essential. And you never touch it. Ever.
4/8 Invest: In yourself Your first investment should always be in yourself: Better equipment More knowledge Therapy for mental health Gym membership for physical health These are things that nobody can take away from you and will serve you well for the rest of your life.
5/8 Invest: Diversity and Risk Anyone who is telling you that Crypto is a "sure thing" and "low risk" is delusional. Diversify your investments across real estate, precious metals, blue chip stocks, crypto and more. Your risk profile depends on your age.
6/8 Invest: Passive income is King, capital appreciation is Queen Passive income generated by investments such as real estate rental, stock dividends and crypto staking will provide you with a healthy money flow. It's like having a job you never have to work at.
7/8 Invest: Say "No" Suddenly, everybody and their grandmother wants to tell you about their "new idea" or how something will "revolutionize [insert industry] as we know it". Learn to say "No"and say "No" (politely) to 9 out of 10 opportunities that come your way.
8/8 Conclusion A financial education is not as difficult or technical as people might think it is. Don't be intimidated. Properly planning your finances will give you peace of mind over the course of your entire lifetime. Don't be *that guy* who had it, and then lost it all.

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