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People are surprised when they learn that my images begin life in Blender as 3D models, but I enjoy widening eyes further by explaining how I use a technique called style transfer in my animations. Here's a thread on how I used this to animate the waves in the example below 👇
Style transfer allows you to apply the style of one image onto another image. EbSynth ( ) is the tool I use to do this. Using a set of 'unstyled' frames, plus just 1 frame from the animation that you've chosen to fully style to your liking, it does this:
Here's the same idea using my work. The unstyled frames are from Blender. The styled frame is a single frame I took into Photoshop to add handdrawn textures to & to boost the contrast. The result is that all the frames get the texture & contrast all from that one styled frame.
This tool always finds a new way to blow my mind — e.g. for the unstyled frames, I thought it'd be fun to only give it the 'preview' version of my frames (what you see when working in Blender before rendering). Rougher in places, but this is the version I ended up using 🤯
To finish things off I then add some extra post-processing and simple animated elements in After Effects on top of the output from the above process. So anyway, that's how I use style transfer to make something like the below easier to animate — thanks for reading!

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