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Just sold my first #nft (!) and unlocked some invites to @withFND. If interested, reply with your portfolio. BUT, before you do that, heed my lessons learned selling #cryptoart 👇
1. You pay a gas tax TWICE — one for minting and the other for listing. When you first convert $ to Ξ, make sure you add enough funds to your @metamask wallet. I only converted enough for the first gas tax, which resulted in having to pay a @sendwyre processing fee (~$12) twice.
2. You CAN'T bundle additional files/content with your minted artwork. To add more value, I intended send the buyer the actual physical piece of artwork. Trouble is, my buyer was anonymous and there is no way to contact them or verify who they are if they contact you. 🤦‍♂️
3. Make sure when you're setting the minimum bid price for your artwork that you consider the gas fees + processing fees + the 15% cut of the sale that goes to @withFND. ~$275 (listed/sold) minus ~$40 (15% sale fee) minus ~$186 (gas and transaction fees) = ~$50 🙃
4. Don't just post to IG, FB or Twitter. @tryShowtime is geared 100% towards showcasing #nfts + they *automatically* display all your artwork 🤯 @twirlHQ 😉 let's you easily showcase/organize your #nft tweets in a gallery with a "BID" CTA that links directly to your artwork 🤘
5. Promote at key milestones. I mentioned my work BEFORE and AFTER I listed, but I failed to inform potential buyers when the bidding had begun. My dislike for self-promotion got the better of me and I missed a *potential* opportunity to increase the final value of my work.
Hope my mistakes help save you some $ and add a few Ξ to your #nft experience 🤘

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