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When analyzing a new #Facebook ad account, I like to see where traffic was being sent to, and how that traffic converted. Here's a simple way to do just that 👇🏻 🧵
1️⃣ Select your date range in Ads Manager. Then go to Reports > Create a Custom Report
2️⃣ In Ads Reporting, customize your pivot table with the metrics you want to see. I like Amount Spent, Conversion Value, Purchases, Outbound Clicks, Reach, and Impressions (I can calculate all my important KPIs from these numbers.)
3️⃣ Under Breakdowns select Ad Name and Link (Ad Settings). Note that the analysis will only work if you select both.
4️⃣ Export your data as a CSV, create a new Google Sheet and import the data.
5️⃣ Once the data is imported, create a pivot table. In the pivot table, select Link (Ad Settings) as your rows.
6️⃣ For values, add amount spent, conversion value, and calculated fields for ROAS and CVR.
7️⃣ Add filters and sort your data by amount spent.
8️⃣ And voila! You have an organized chart telling you the overall performance of an ad account's landing pages during a given period of time (which you can categorize for specific PDPs, collection pages, or home pages).

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