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Every white male/female leader/manager in the ad industry needs to take 14 minutes NOW, watch @DocBoulton's talk, be mortified at the sea of white faces behind ads with Black talent for show, and ACT as he, @4As + @aliciagarza tell you: #AdvertisingSoWhite
.@docboulton is right in his video - the @4As Diversity & Inclusion Manifesto (surprisingly 🙂) has some very good recommendations, including the pragmatic and sadly, potentially most highly motivating - 'Protect your shareholders': #AdvertisingSoWhite
'One critical ingredient is missing from DEI interventions: evidence-based approaches that promote a culture of belonging for all employees.' @4As #AdvertisingSoWhite #ChangeTheRatio #DiversityAndInclusion
.@aliciagarza on accountability: 'When driving you stop at a Stop sign. That's the rule. It has a consequence if you break it. You can be a really nice person and run a Stop sign, you'll get a ticket. Who would be displaced and what would be the impact?'
'Stop hiring diversity officers. @ptnewkirk found most CDOs, despite their title and hefty salaries, are ineffective, isolated from power and largely relegated to serving a PR role. 65% #Fortune500 CDOs didn't even have access to their co's diversity data'
'Advertising's race problem persists, decade after decade, because for far too long, symbolic expression of good intentions with no external mechanism for measurement, or material consequences for failure, has been allowed to count as progress' @docboulton
Watch @docboulton's 14-minute video 'Ads Need Soul' in conjunction with my 15-minute talk on 'How To End Racism NOW In The Corporate World': #advertisingsowhite #BlackLivesMatter #DiversityAndInclusion #ChangeTheRatio
'Ending racism in the corporate world is very simple. All you have to do is hire, welcome and promote Black talent. I use each of those three words very specifically, and in the course of this chat I'll explain why.' @3PercentConf #AdvertisingSoWhite
'When you hire, welcome and promote Black talent, you pay Black talent. You begin channelling wealth to Black families and households, you equalize the racist pay gap, and you begin building the Black economy.' Me for @3PercentConf #AdvertisingSoWhite
'When you hire, welcome & promote Black talent, you role model & showcase Black talent in the full spectrum of professional roles, that inspires Black youth & ends the scenario where people think the Black person in the room is the janitor or coffee lady'
'When the white people in your company are surrounded every working day by brilliant Black talent as professional equals, contributing their expertise, insights, creativity to make the work great and make the company successful, that ends racist attitudes'
'In advertising, when you have Black talent creating the ads, approving the ads, producing the ads, directing the ads, casting the ads, you don't have to worry about "Are these ads diverse enough?" because you'll never have to think about that again.'
'The most appalling response anyone can make in our industry when challenged on diversity is, "Diversity's great, but we can't lower the bar." DIVERSITY RAISES THE FUCKING BAR. The bar is set so low, when it's always been set by white men.' @3PercentConf
'We haven't even begun to see how high the bar in the advertising industry can go, when it's raised by the talents, creativity, skills of Black people.' @3PercentConf #AdvertisingSoWhite #BlackLivesMatter #DiversityAndInclusion #ChangeTheRatio
'Advertising is a potent social force. What we show in advertising drives societal attitudes and behavior. When we end racism by hiring, welcoming and promoting Black talent, not only will our creative output be so much better, it will influence the world'
'When you hire me, you're not hiring an unconscious bias coach or a D&I trainer. I am a hard-headed business strategist, and I help companies re-engineer their systems & processes to integrate D&I to be a driver of growth, profitability & better business'
'I tell companies to stop talking about diversity. When a company bangs on about diversity, holds diversity training and workshops, it has a negative effect - white employees start feeling resentful and excluded.' @3PercentConf #AdvertisingSoWhite
'It's human nature to believe if we do good in one area, we can do bad in another. Everyday example is, I just had a Diet Coke, so now I can eat the chips. It's easy for employees to go, the co's got diversity covered, so I can carry on as I always have.'
'I get some version of this call regularly. 'Cindy, I have this great leadership position open, and I want to hire a Black woman. Who do you know?' I explain it doesn't work like that.' @3PercentConf #AdvertisingSoWhite #BlackLivesMatter #ChangeTheRatio
'I said, you have to re-engineer your job description. You've written it to appeal to white men, and the demonstration of that, is that under your @linkedin post of it is a long thread full of white men recommending themselves or other white men for it.'
'The job description said, "You will have a creative track record that makes us all envious." I said no, she won't. Because a Black woman will never have been promoted into the position, and given that opportunity, to demonstrate that track record.'
'You need to rewrite your job description to say something along the lines of, this is the role where you can finally bring all of that creativity to bear, to do the things you've always wanted to do.' @3PercentConf #AdvertisingSoWhite #BlackLivesMatter
'I know you'll have briefed your recruiters to find people already doing this role somewhere else. Don't do that. Brief your recruiters to find brilliant Black talent currently operating one, two, three levels below that position.' @3PercentConf
'You need to hire brilliant Black talent by doing what white men do when hiring white men all the time - hire on potential not proof. 'He reminds me of myself at his age...he's great to have a beer with...we reckon he can do this, let's give him the job.'
'I guarantee, when you hire brilliant Black talent one, two, three levels down from the role you're hiring for, they will do a far better job in that role than the white men in that position who never had to battle the obstacles they did.' @3PercentConf
'Re-engineer your interview process. White men interviewing other white men, are actively looking for reasons to hire those white men. White men interviewing the rest of us, are looking for reasons not to hire us. They're looking for 'red flags'.'
'Re-engineer your working environment, if you want to bring in brilliant Black female candidates - because if she sees, as she will, a sea of white men, she's going to think, why the fuck would I put myself in there, I know exactly what's going to happen.'
'It's very easy to re-engineer your working environment. You simply immediately promote the brilliant Black talent within your own company that's been kept down for years through no fault of their own, overlooked and passed over for promotions.'
'I want our industry to stop focusing on diverse internships, diverse entry-level recruiting. It doesn't matter how much brilliant Black talent you bring in at the bottom, if you show it nowhere to go at the top.' @3PercentConf #AdvertisingSoWhite
'I recommend to white men and women in leadership, hire into equal power with you brilliant Black talent you feel threatened by. I say it like that because that is how you need to think about it. You need to consider your mental blocks to break them down'
'We need you to do everything I've just talked about, and a great deal more, to end racism NOW in the corporate world, in a way that will drive your business to heights of success you didn't even know you could dream of.' @3PercentConf #AdvertisingSoWhite

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