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My takeways from @CharlotCrowther's workshop on course business models in #ODCC1 today:
Many couses could actually be pitched B2B. When selling B2B, you could either coach as an upsell, or train a trainer within the company.
Companies also love branded newsletters (h/t @helloalexoh) as well as being able to monitor employee course engagement (h/t @abby_thebam).
A practical problem @ramonwilliamson ran into with B2B are licensing codes for the learning management system. Consumer LMS like @teachable don't support this, and corporate LMS are expensive.
An alternative to direct B2B is the Trojan horse approach (h/t @Bazzaruto): get the product in the hands of employees first and get them to tell it to their colleagues and bosses
@cahouser's course makes video as easy as sending an email (similar to ).
There's value in teaching minimum viable <anything> (e.g. video). "DOING something poorly is still better than just reading the best book on the it" (@cahouser)
"#BuildingInPublic = crowdsourced therapy" (@leo_guinan)
@ramonwilliamson lays out the framework for a great sales funnel: 1) offer a free workshop wherever the people are looking 2) build an email list 3) do 1:1's to help and learn
4) invite them to a beta course 5) gather success stories 6) launch the full course 7) invite students for an ongoing membership
@ramonwilliamson does micro cohearts: microcourses with an ongoing membership. People love it because they get their transformation over the finish line within the course.
@chrismessina introduced the Content-as-a-Service model: turning a product into a service to add value
For courses, the $200-$300 pricepoint means a wide market, is corporate-expensable and creates commitment.
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