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What's the purpose of your life? What a tricky question—society implicitly builds an idea there's can only one purpose. However, our vision is multifaceted: - Material vision - Personal vision - Service vision 🌍(Example and questions below)
2/ Example: Material vision = House, money, car Personal vision = Health, freedom, be a parent Service vision = Contributing to the field or community
3/ The most dangerous trap is when you focus on material and personal vision—it can make you inward-facing in your life. Self-centered. Worse still, people would make the comparison with others' as their vision. (...)
4/ Consider a material vision such as: "I want to have a better house than X." After you have the house, then what? When your vision is to "beat" an outsider—known as an "extrinsic vision." Once you have it, you'll be in the defensive mode—to not lose what you have.
5/ Visions build deeper motivation inside of you. This motivation will help you to continually practice. To be better. Just like painters, who continually practice their craft. This is one way to achieve personal mastery.
6/ Vision is often pursuing a larger reality. In 1962, John F. Kennedy articulated a vision to land a man on the moon, which sounds unrealistic at that time. We call this gap between reality and the vision "tension."
7/ Tension is necessary. Because without it, it's all just a reality. Reality is not necessarily better. We dance with tension. We persevere.
Things you can exercise: - What are my visions? - Is it an extrinsic vision? - Am I trying to "beat" an outsider? - What are my service visions?

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