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I spent the last few months designing our first subscription product, Twitter Blue. Now available to my 🇨🇦 friends (and🇦🇺) on iOS as of today! We’ve heard from our most passionate users that we need more power-user features, and that’s who Twitter Blue is for. 🧵
To design for this product, we broke it up into two primary surface areas: 1️⃣ The Twitter Blue product 2️⃣ The Twitter Blue features
1️⃣ My foundational goal was to design a flexible system and container for the product so we could easily expand/grow out our feature offering once we had this foundation setup.
My biggest design challenge was the identity of Twitter Blue. 🤔 What does the sign-up page look like? 🤔 Does it look different than regular Twitter? 🤔 Should it look special because it’s paid? Ultimately what felt the most natural was that it should just be Twitter.
2️⃣ Designing the feature work. My design process was similar to working on other Twitter features, however, one nice thing is that we can offer feature customization rather than us trying to decide on one option aimed at the largest audience.
↩️ Undo Tweet Probably one of the most nuanced feature I’ve ever designed, and everyone has different preferences for how they use this feature. This is why we have the ability to customize when and how long you see the Undo Tweet option.
📰 Reader Mode A growing number of journalists, writers and everyday people use threads as a format to tell their stories. Reader Mode allows you to toggle into a new view to read these threads in a seamless design.
🔖 Bookmark Folders Finally you can organize all those great Tweets you’ve saved!

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