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These photos changed my life
1. South Africa with my grandfather: We stood at this spot overlooking Cape Town on a trip we took together for his 80th bday. It was the last trip he’d take before a horrible fight with Alzheimer’s that ultimately took his life. This taught me the fragility of life.
2. Jordan and a new career: I quit my engineering job to pursue photography and Jordan was my first trip. This was the right of passage into a new venture and the biggest step into chasing my dreams. The diversity of this country inspired me to go after this passion.
3. Love Island and becoming a Dad: We found out we were having a baby and had the envelope with the gender sealed. Found this island in French Polynesia, paddled to it and opened the envelope. Found out we were having a daughter and took this picture to remember the place!
4. My home lit by bioluminescence: San Diego is in my blood. It’s where I’ve spent most my life and where I found my love for photos. This picture is from 2am, when bioluminescence painted the coast in a way I had never seen.

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