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Big Technology recently hit 10,000 subscribers (!) so it’s time to release our full sponsorship deck to the public. Why read? - You're curious about how the Substack/newsletter ad business works - You're interested in sponsoring (DMs are open!)
Why do sponsorships vs. subscriptions? (To channel @packym) - I want the newsletter to reach as many people as possible, especially early on - Advertising works when high-quality advertisers reach great audiences reading top-grade news. I believe in the model!
A few highlights: The @BigTechnology newsletter goes out every Thursday to 10,000+ people. The plan has always been to pursue gradual growth and build trust vs. run after traffic. Readers are responding.
Big Technology podcast is growing nicely too...
Who reads @bigtechnology? Leaders who make decisions in the tech industry, and those who shape the conversation.
And here's where they work
The newsletter reach also frequently exceeds the total email list
What’s available? Weekly and monthly packages. DM for more information and I can put you in touch with our sales team (of one).
Oh, and our advertisers are happy too
I spoke with @PatrickCoffee at @BusinessInsider about the Big Technology business model. You can read more here, and DM to get involved. Thank you 🙏

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