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The hard lessons love has taught me 1/7
Love is not static. I have changed, she has changed, and our love will change; this will happen at different times and in different ways. Some change will be easier to accept than others. 2/7
Love is very insecure. You will question the limits of love's flexibility. After being pushed and stretched by the tribulations of life, you will always worry about how love will look when it snaps back into place? Will I recognise it, does it return new and uncomfortable?
Funny story (for nerds and marvel fans)... To this day, my wife has watched every single Marvel movie with me.The same woman who once asked me how Batman could die in the Dark Knight, and still be in the next X men movie? 4/7
I struggled with one episode of Real Housewives, but my wife hangs in there through Wolverine reboots, FF remakes and Infinity wars. It sounds small, but to me, her commitment is love. It taught me that people are only as compatible as the effort they invest into a relationship
Love will always have the capacity to hurt you. From friendship to marriage, love never loses the ability to cut deep. Is this a good or a bad thing? The capacity to hurt is the capacity to still feel. Isn’t feeling better than not caring at all? I’m still learning.
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