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What we did to get @typedreamHQ #1 Product of the Day: Reminder: nothing is instant, we've been preparing for this since Day 1. A thread 👇
Before the launch: 1. We started our Typedream journey in public #buildinpublic. We tweeted about what we wanted to achieve, our struggles, small wins - our entire journey.
2. We made community (almost like a cult 😈) of Typedream simps in which people had to "simp" for us to get access to our beta. We were also active on Twitter. Made a lot of friends with similar interests, especially in the #NoCode community ❤️
3. We iterated our product based on our beta testers' feedback and found 10+ people who LOVED our product and validated the idea.
Launch: We realized we only get to do this once so we went ALL OUT.
1. We tried to make our assets (video, images) as beautiful as possible . Btw to those if you who loved our video, we made it using @adobeAE!
2. Our Twitter friends helped perfect our tagline, built the hype, everything - @rauchg, @reallynattu, @fajarsiddiqFS, @felix12777, @dadimdum and many more. You know who you are! Also followed this PH launch tips:
Jim Raptis @d__raptisLAUNCH ON PRODUCT HUNT. A big thread about everything I know about the topic.
My top 3 favorites: ⬇️ 1. Find a hunter - You leverage the hunter's audience - You have more chances to be featured - You engage with a person who's an expert on PH Once again, big thanks to @chrismessina for hunting!
2. But when is the best day to launch your product? Here is the typical traffic for a Product Hunt week: - Monday → Medium - Tuesday → High - Wednesday → High - Thursday → High - Friday → Medium - Saturday → Low - Sunday → Low We launched on a Wednesday.
3. During your launch day, you need to be 1000% active and engage with your fans and the community. It's a crazy day and you might need to say "thank you" in 100+ different ways. Your presence is as important as your product. People love to know who is behind a product.

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