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You don't need a marketing degree to become a great marketer. Here's everything you should know to start a marketing career:
We start with the marketing fundamentals by Philip Kotler (skip to 5:25) He was one of the "founders" of textbook marketing and is a great storyteller.
Steve Jobs in one of the most underrated marketing speeches ever. Everyone thinks marketing = ads. Steve explains how that's completely false and what it's all about.
The power of a brand is huge. And, unfortunately, not all brands are created equal. Seth Godin explains what it means to have a real brand.
Perception is everything in marketing. Dave Sutherland has a brilliant talk on it. A real eye-opener for many.
If you can tell a story you can sell something. This is a great talk by Dave Lieber. He masters the art of storytelling.
This is the infamous talk from Simon Sinek "Start with why" It's a brilliant way to visualize how you should talk about your business and how to get raving fans instead of commodity-buyers.
Marketers are just like teachers. They have to embrace making mistakes and they have to be highly intuned to their audience who are "in pain". This is a great talk (aspiring) marketers can learn a lot from.
Positioning is an important part of a marketer's job. You need to know who to target and how to position your product. That doesn't always involve (a low) price. This is a nice (short) talk on that topic
Finding out why people buy your product, what job needs to be done is a crucial part of being a marketer. Clayton Christensen has written the book on that. In this talk at Google, you'll learn a ton of interesting marketing angles.
One of the great new ways to make money is bundling and unbundling. Create the "light" version of what [insert fortune 500 business] does. Create a better version of a small part of what [insert fortune 500 business] does. Ben Thompson on (un)bundling:
Whether you're pitching clients or pitching customers, you need to find a great hook to get people to stay put and buy (your story). Who other than Don Draper from Mad Men to teach us the ropes
This is just me loving Rory Sutherland. Quick video that will open your eyes to a new marketing view.
As a marketer, you need to be creative. You need to be original. You need to avoid being a dime a dozen at all costs. This is a great talk on how to improve your creativity.
Dan Ariely is a genius writer and a genius economist. In this talk at Google, he shines the light on why irrationality is so important for marketers to understand.

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