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Being creative is draining. Here's my cheat sheet so you'll never run out of marketing inspiration. 12 easy ways to generate content ideas:
1/ Look at replies. LinkedIn, Twitter, your private Slack for customers — wherever your community is most engaged. What questions did they ask? What was most liked or shared?
2/ Talk to your personal Customer Advisory Board. You have a few customer BFFs, right? Email or text them hello. See how they're doing, ask what's on their mind, or get their opinion on a recent post you published.
Amanda Natividad @amandanatActual marketing hack: Create your own personal Customer Advisory Board. 1. Get to know 3-4 of your customers. 2. Befriend them naturally. 3. Run ideas by them — copywriting, blog topics, events, etc.
3/ Read through customer support tickets. Look for common and recent pain points. Write something that guides readers to the solution.
4/ Ask your sales team for FAQs. Or skim their notes in the CRM. Uncover reasons customers don't sign on. Let that guide your next playbook or case study.
5/ Join the next demo call. See your product through your customer's POV. Better yet, join 3 demos and create content that reduces time for your sales team and customers. A refreshed deck. A punchy Loom video. A new email sequence.
6/ Listen to recordings of sales calls. Aside from topic ideas, you'll also get to hear your customers' voice, tone and vocabulary, and maybe even get a sense of their lifestyle. (h/t @rhythm_b)
7/ Check Google Search Console. You'll see what readers are searching for when they stumble upon your site. Look at the queries that garnered impressions but no clicks. Even better if it's "how to" content. (h/t @stephiehardman)
8/ Tune into a webinar. Maybe it's a competing brand. Or maybe it's a brand you admire. Analyze how they structure the content, and stick around for Q&A to see if any of the questions inspire you.
9/ Hang out where your audience is. Run a @sparktoro search for a Twitter account your audience follows. You'll see common phrases they use, other social accounts they follow, websites they visit, and more. Get inspired. (Shameless plug, but hey, we offer a free plan.)
10/ Have a quick conversation with a coworker. Many of us are still WFH, so we're having fewer hallway convos. That's where great ideas come from. Try to recreate that serendipity. See if you can hop on a same-day call with a coworker and just catch up. Riff on ideas.
11/ Listen to a new podcast... and let your mind wander. Step away from your computer. Put in your headphones, and play an industry podcast while you do a mindless chore. We get our best ideas when we're moving. Listen, react, and pay attention to your "Ooh!" moments.
12/ Collect and repackage content. Take all the content you've ever created on a given topic, and bundle it into a guide: • 16 Ways to Do X • The Definitive Guide to Y • Everything You Need to Know About Z If you have a solid SEO strategy, collecting this should be easy.

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