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I’m so excited for Twitter’s updated visual language to become a reality. 🎉 To set the tone of the visual presentation of the product, we took a principles-first approach. With these principles, we are able to unify around a shared sense of what matters most to us. (🧵)
Our visual principles provided us the inspiration and constraints to craft a set of recommended design techniques. These techniques served as a way to align on a visual direction and to scale it to the entire development team (Eng, Product, Design, Research).
We also used this visual evolution as an opportunity to create newly defined guidelines for our design tokens, like typography, color, motion, iconography. This documentation is meant to ensure our growing design team feels confident working within our new language.
What’s launching today is just the beginning of the visual evolution. It lays the foundation for changes to come that make the experience feel more uniquely Twitter. I can’t wait for y’all to be on this journey with us.

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