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I interviewed @VictorPontis, co-founder of Luma. He and @danqing_liu built and launched the first version of Luma in a week. Yes, in one week. The global pandemic had just begun and their product helped people host events on Zoom. They saw a need and moved quickly. 🧵
A month later they earned their first $$$. 7 months later they raised $3m. They didn’t launch with a demo video & waitlist. Instead, they had a working product people could use on day 1. @VictorPontis had a good perspective on the risks of launching with only a demo & waitlist.
There's a lot more in my newsletter, including @VictorPontis explaining the difficulty of knowing if the reason people aren’t using your product is because it’s not good enough or if it’s simply that you are trying to solve a problem that doesn’t matter:

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