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If we create a world of more exclusive groups based on even more exclusive assets what have we really done for humanity? Is this what we are calling decentralization?
I’m beyond here for the art, the creativity, and most importantly the community. But I spent over the first half of my life learning to be okay with not having a seat at the table, I’m not sure how I feel about buying my seat.
This is why I believe there have to be more ways than buying NFTs or tokens (even though I love doing both) to join these communities, and many of them do this really well by allowing folks to contribute in different ways.
And what I mean by this is, of course it’s awesome to join clubs and communities, but the *why* is the most important for me. If it’s attached to my self worth, then these mechanisms are no better than web2’s most toxic invention: the like button.
And I know this is basic human behavior, it’s why we wear the clothes we do, [insert million other reasons here]… But I do believe it’s important to stop and ask ourselves these questions.
For me, I’m just going to keep on gut checking my “why” and hope that *most* of the time (because I’m human), I’m doing things for friendship, learning, self expression, and supporting creativity…and not because I want to look “cool.” Because I haven’t been cool since 1990.

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