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Really think we’re in a different era now. There was Before Loot and now there’s After Loot. Punk moment all over again.
Have thought and published so much about this direction for NFTs but didn’t know how/when it would begin. Execution and timing were just perfect. So many things to learn from it.
Crucial decision *not* to include art. Or even attributes of items. Leaves everything open to community to run with. Even the names are perfect, slightly awkward and confusing at times but fun to imagine.
Crucial decision *not* to have a company, or a team leading the way. Impossible to gate-keep any creative decisions.
Crucial decision to make it free. Satoshi w/ Bitcoin and LL with CryptoPunks have shown us that the monumental crypto launches do the opposite of trad tech. Instead of founders keeping most ownership & giving a little to FT employees…keep only a little, give everything else away
This is what PartyDAO is dipping it’s toes into by pursuing a DAO-native strategy, but Loot is all the way at the end of the spectrum: complete decentralization from day 1. Only way you could possibly begin the shift from NFTs as JPEGs to NFTs as digital objects.
The entire thing is pure art. Will need to keep processing.

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