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IT'S HERE! 💡 DAOs - The New Coordination Frontier 🚂 A Comprehensive Report on DAO Creators Curated By @GitcoinDAO @banklessDAO 🤖❤️ Click here to read it
Key Takeaway 1 DAOs are here today. DAOs are a worldwide trend & an emerging part of the Ethereum ecosystem. It’s happening! DAOs are already enabling dense p2p networks of value exchange & participation.
Key Takeaway 2 There is a decentralize ecosystem of DAO types, tools, and engagement patterns in the DAO ecosystem.
Key Takeaway 3 Crypto is very geographically diverse. A diversity of skillsets was represented in the survey results. Age + Gender diversity is a big problem. A majority of respondents to our survey were 20-40 year old males.
Key Takeaway 4 DAO Fatigue is real for a minority of highly engaged participants. Most survey respondents were in 1-2 DAOs, but for the minority who were in 3-6 DAOs, feeling pulled in many directions was a real problem. Meaningful participation cannot be had beyond 2 DAOs.
Key Takeaway 5. There are a few key levels of abstraction in the DAO ecosystem in composable bites: - L1 ecosystem. - DAO - Creator
Key Takeaways 6-9 👇👇👇👇
Key Takeaways 10-12 👇👇👇👇
Thanks to @frogmonkee @paulapivat for being my ride or die co-authors on this. Click here to read the whole report
Want to give back? Bid on the 1 of 1 NFT for this DAO Creator Report today: - Get your featured logo in the report. - Show that you value data-journalism. - Support public goods in the Ethereum ecosystem (all proceeds => Gitcoin Grants). - Be a 👑 /f

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