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0/ A hallmark of revolutionary new art is that it is easy to dismiss at first. Today the chaos and commercialism around non-fungible art can obscure how transformative it is. The future of art is digital and the future of digital art is NFTs. Introducing The Numnum Institute.
1/ The Numnum Institute is a digital museum dedicated to fostering understanding & appreciation of digital art in both its members and the general public. Our mission is to grow the audience for digital art, discover & promote digital artists and redefine the role of art museums.
2/ In the physical world, art museums are a largely one-way experience. You visit, admire the art, and leave (perhaps with a print from the gift shop). So far curation for NFTs has been mostly skeuomorphic: you enter a digital space, look at the art, and leave.
3/ What would a truly crypto-native, digital first art museum look like? Members and visitors should be able to go beyond just admiring the art we hold - they should be able to interact with it. They should be able to take a piece of it home with them.
4/ Curation should be more than just collecting the most prominent works. Curation should be about experiencing digital art in a new and different way. Experimenting with scarcity and secrecy and ownership and what they mean for beauty.
5/ A truly crypto-native museum should be as much a work of art as the collection itself. Membership in the Numnum Institute will be its own work of generative art - a collection of NFTs corresponding to the natural numbers. Meet the Numnums.
6/ Minting a Numnum is a way of supporting the mission of the Institute, but it is also an access key to your own unique works of generative and derivative art collected and commissioned by the Institute.
7/ Prior to launch the NNI acquired a @BoredApeYC prisoner ape and commissioned a set of unique derivatives NFTs for each of our members. Each Numnum has its own entirely unique relationship with the original work.
8/ The Numnum Institute will continue to curate and collect exemplary works of digital art - both historically prominent pieces and also newer works from innovative artists around the globe. The Numnum Institute will never sell acquired art. 💎👐
9/ The goal of the collection is not just to gather interesting art but to experiment with new ways of experiencing art - unique derivatives, collective curation, and other things that NFT technology makes possible.
10/ If you would like to loan or donate a piece to the museum’s collection please reach out! If you are an artist interested in working with the Numnums Institute please reach out! If you are an enthusiast who loves NFTs and just wants to share it, please reach out!
11/ We are excited to keep unveiling more about our plans and collection over the next few weeks, including details about how to mint a Numnum and secure your membership. Follow us here to learn more! 🔢

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