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How to get started writing smart contracts for NFTs 🧑‍💻 If you believe in the future of web 3.0 then solidity is the number one skill to learn. We absolutely need more web 3 developers! 1/ I always get asked on how to get started, so here are some tips and advice 🧵
2/ The core concepts to learn for developing NFT smart contracts are: • Solidity - coding language of smart contracts • Smart contracts - programs that hold state and run on the blockchain • MetaData - the information behind an NFT Learn theses concepts and how they work
3/ Learn to code If you don’t know how to code at all. The first thing is to learn the basics. I suggest starting with Python as it is the most similar to solidity. A great book to pick up is Learn Python the hard way. It's Free online or buy the book
4/ Read the solidity documentation Whenever I learn a new language the first thing I do is read the documentation and then read it again to understand what the technology is capable of.
5/ Read a lot of code Almost all smart contract code is published on Etherscan, the best ways to learn is to look at how other project coded their projects and learn from them. Another good resource is looking at open source solidity projects on GitHub
6/ Learn your tools Some tools that I use on the daily * Code editor - Where you type code * Hardhat - Ethereum development environment * Truffle - Smart contract testing * Remix - Online editor and deployer * Etherscan - Blockchain viewer
7/ NFT Tutorials There are a ton of solidity tutorials out there for solidity. Two of the better NFT related ones are OpenSeas guide and Crypto Zombies Creating an NFT on your own smart contract is the hello world of NFTs and
8/ Start your own projects Nothing beats practical experience. Start your own NFT projects or with an artist to create something together. You gain experience by doing so keep coming up with new ideas and experimenting, or even try re-creating a project.
9/ Find a team Better yet find a team that you can work along side and problem solve together with. You’ll learn more and faster with a team. Did I mention that @manifoldxyz is hiring? Are you an engineer? Send your resume to
10/ Find a mentor Having a good mentor is invaluable, having someone knowledgeable who you can guide you and talk though things when you need direction or are struggling. I’ve had a number of mentors in my career and I probably would be where I am today with out them.
11/ Have fun Having fun is probably the most important thing, I like coding because I just like coding, it doesn’t feel like work at all. I love problem solving, learning, the creativity and artistry involved with coding. To me code = art
12/ Learning to code is a skill and like any skill takes dedication and practice. I’ve been coding for over 25 year, have put thousands of hours in, and even to this day I am still learning on a daily basis. Good luck on your journey and I can't wait to see what you all create!

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