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1/ Literally who cares about Ethereum vs Solana. Hold both and buy NFTs. If you want to potentially make a lot of money on Solana - here is your guide. This is not financial advice - don't risk anything you are uncomfortable losing. (🧵)
2/ Buy Solana on an exchange of your choice. I use @binance and have had 0 problems. Set up a @phantom wallet and withdraw the SOL to your new wallet. You will notice it is pretty quick and there are minimal fees. Welcome to the party.
3/ The best strategy is to try and Mint or Buy 3 NFTs. At launch. You list the most common one for a price that covers the cost of itself and the other 2. Once the right projects (more on that later) hit secondary markets the prices generally spike and you can de-risk completely.
4/ That means you are back where you started. Except now you have 2 NFTs. The more rare one you hold long term (in this space, think 2 weeks+) the other one you sell whenever you feel like it. The only risk here would be the risk of selling early which is not a bad problem.
5/ How do you find the right projects? For new projects go to . They have a full calendar with prices. Generally look for lower supply (<10,000) and low mint prices (<1). Join the discord and follow the twitter to gauge the following metrics:
6/ Community, Hype and Utility. Community is everything. Look who is in the discord. Who is backing the project, who worked on it. Is the discord active? The community will bring the long term gains and are both the builders and promoters of the project. Essential.
7/ Follow @SOLBigBrain , @0x_fxnction , @levicook, @hoaktrades, @Miles_NFT , @knox_trades, @0xCelon and the people they are following and see what the community is talking about and supporting. In general the more active @SolanaMBS and @thugbirdz members are helpful.
8/ Hype. Hype is short term, but it is what ensures success of the previous 3Mint strategy. Big accounts bring hype - big traders, NFT guys and celebrities. Follow @Pentosh1 , @ShardiB2, @CryptoKaleo , @TraderKoz, @ColdBloodShill. Spend some here, time you will find others.
9/ Utility - what value do you get? What's the incentive to not sell. Is it airdrops? Royalties? Clout? Alpha (valuable information on upcoming opportunities the market may not know) ? You need to know these if you are holding long term or evaluating.
10/ Some tools to help you on the journey in Solana: Follow: @NathanCRoth - he posts a great dashboard on the current blue chips and potential big ones. Use @cryptowazza's Solana Floor to track floor prices to see price history. Use @StepFinance_ to see all the NFTs in wallet
11/ If you have the funds - buy a @SolanaMBS , @galacticgeckosg , @thugbirdz , @DegenApeAcademy - these are long term bets on the ecosystem and if Solana activity ramps up to ETH levels they are likely to see a lot of upside.
12/ The secondary markets on Solana are: @SolanartNFT @DigitalEyesNFT @SolSeaNFT @MagicEden_NFT They have some great features and are improving every day.
13/ To conclude - basically NFTs is culture, not charts. Get a feel for the ecosystem on Twitter and Discords. Follow the accounts and listen to the people. Get into the right Twitter spaces and listen. Big gains come with patience. Not financial advice, use your brain.
14/ I hope to share more easy compiled info like this over at @LotusGangNFT. Send this to someone who is unsure of getting their feet wet and they need a bit of a map to get started. This is all risky, but there are asymmetric gains being made.

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