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1/9 - Oct 31 to Nov 06 - "Around the #COVID19 World in 80 Seconds"! Daily epidemic 7-day forecasting for 195 countries/ territories on our dashboard: Data source: & Powered by @ISG_UNIGE & @SDSCdatascience
2/9 - Europe - W. Europe divided in 3 #COVID19 profiles: - High circulation (>140/100Kpop/7d): UK, IRL with high mortality; NL; ICL; DK; LUX; NO; CH; [DE; BE; AT] with low [med] mortality. - Med circul.: FL with med mort. - Low circul. (<70/100Kpop): SP, PT, FR, IT, SE, low mort.
3/9 - Europe (cont'd) East-Central Europe face strong waves of #COVID19, with: - Alarming mortality in Bulgaria; Latvia; Lithuania; Moldova; Romania; UKR; - Very high mortality in Croatia; Estonia; Montenegro; Russia; Serbia; - High mortality in Czechia; Poland; Slovakia.
4/9 - Africa - Libya (R-eff=1.01) is plateauing above its #COVID19 safety zone, with medium mortality (22.3% received 1 dose). Gabon=0.80 (5.8% received 1 dose) landed, medium mortality; and Botswana=0.89 (29.3%), very low mortality; Underreporting in many countries.
5/9 - Middle-East Jordan (R-eff=1.14, 39.0% received 1 dose) is increasing in its #COVID19 epid activ, with medium mortality. Iran=0.93, is landing, with medium mortality; Israel (73.0%) is landing towards its safety zone, very close to reaching it, with very low mortality.
6/9 - Asia & Pacific Laos (R-eff=1.11) is rising in its #COVID19 epidemic activity, with very low reported mortality, while Kazakhstan=0.97 is plateauing, medium mort; Malaysia=0.93; Mongolia=0.97; [Thailand=0.94 a]re slowly landing, with high [low] mortality, for 7 more days.
7/9 - Asia & Pacific (cont'd) Singapore (R-eff=1.04, 82.0% 1 dose) is plateauing in its #COVID19 activity, high mortality; Vietnam=1.15 has left its safe zone; Australia=0.87, landing (75.9%), low mort; China=1.30, 68-85 cases/d; Taiwan; NZ=1.28,142-179 cases/d; SK; JP safe zone.
8/9 - North America - Canada is landing in its #COVID19 safety zone, low mortality, 79.6% 1 dose: Red in BC, Manitoba, Quebec; green in Ontario; Orange in Alberta; Saskatchewan. The USA are plateauing above their safety zone, (65.8%), orange 16, red 34 states, high mortality.
9/9 - Latin America Chile=1.13 (86.0% 1 dose); Uruguay=1.19 (79.7%); Colombia=1.09; Dom Rep=1.04 are leaving their #COVID19 safety zones. Belize=0.94: slow landing, very high mortality; [Brazil=0.96 is plateauing, medium mortality. Mexico; Argentina; Peru: safe

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