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The process of getting married today is broken In the future, you'll be able to apply for a partner and get married 60 seconds later Thread: How NFTs will change marriage forever:
The way marriage (mostly) works today: 1. You apply to 50 dating apps and marriage portals with your CV 2. You get 5 dates to prove competency 3. You hope 5/5 are able to properly gauge your skills to get a marriage offer Buuuut CV + a date often doesn’t tell the whole story
Let's be real: - Many dates don’t date well - Many dates undersell themselves - Many dates have prejudice - Many dates lie on dating apps and don't resemble their bio on actual dates Bottom line: we could do better
The web3 enabled internet will give you quests, adventures to prove your worth as a potential partner You'll earn on-chain credentials You’ll use your credentials to prove who you are, what your interests are and what people say about you You can't hide from the blockchain ;)
How it will work: - You apply for a date - It scans the blockchain and rates your set of on chain experiences, interests, and credentials - If above a certain rating, you get married within 60 secs No prejudice, no wasted time, no pain. Just a quick yes or no This is a big deal
We are already seeing a glimpse of the future of what on chain credentials This is just the beginning Will startups be the driving force for this new on chain revolution? Or will Tinder/ Shaadi dot com go deep here? Who knows, but this is this the direction we're headed

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