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The tech for consuming music has never been better. But the economics of how we value music are broken. This is why we built Sound 👇
There are two major problems in music today: 1. Many songs go entirely unheard 2. Creators realize very little value Out of the 8 million artists on Spotify, only 7,800 earn a living wage from streaming.
Sound offers web3 tools to power the next generation of artists and their communities. We help artists capture more value, and connect fans to the music they love. Joining Sound makes you more than just a user— you’re a contributor and a co-owner of its success.
Listening Parties Putting out a new track should be an event, not an afterthought. Sound gives artists the chance to debut new music as a set of NFTs. Early editions are more valuable than later editions, meaning backers are incentivized to discover new music sooner.
Own the Moment Each Sound NFT is more than just the song. Owning a song’s NFT allows you to make a public comment. Sell your NFT, and your comment disappears - replaced by the new owner. Show off your collection to prove you were a day one fan!
Golden Egg Every song has a “golden egg” hidden on a randomly selected timestamp. If you leave your comment where the golden egg is located, your NFT gets upgraded to a 1/1. There’s only 1 golden egg per song, and the winner is revealed when the song sells out.
Create A Culture Sound NFTs are your access pass to the Sound community. Join artists and listeners as they interact with each other through weekly hangouts. Feel what it means to be an owner in the platform you love.
Inspired by @manifoldxyz - Sound Studio allows artists to retain ownership through custom smart contracts. Each song shows up as a distinct collection on secondary markets. Artists receive 100% of sales, plus 10% of resales, without relinquishing copyrights.
Creating a better world for artists is personal. Many of these problems stem from forcing communities into one-size-fits-all business models. The one metric that matters is making a full-time living off music.
We want to give a million artists the opportunity to live off their art...for real this time. Our beta is focused on artists we really believe in. If you’d like to be on , please fill out this form.
Sound is proudly a part of a new ecosystem for musicians. We’re excited to explore what’s possible alongside our friends at: @Audius @Catalog @Songcamp @Arpeggi @Zora @Mirror @cheriehu42 , And others determined to make this new world a reality.
We wouldn’t be here without the friends and artists who gave us feedback over the past few months. Special shoutouts to @JoseRMejia @Houses, @steveklbnf, @Cooopahtroopa, @whatdotcd, @ljxie,@cdixon, @alive_eth,@ljin18, @jessewldn, @pridesai,@jonitzler, @web3brett
Thank you to my Atlanta Avengers who took a chance on investing on us. @stevozone4_ @MEGAMEEZY @21savage @OGxTP @tundetun88 @DJDRAMA We are committed to making sure black culture is represented with equity from day one.
Welcome to Sound.

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