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📣 Tutorial Thread! As promised, here’s the breakdown of my poster ‘Access Code’ —Learn how to create this visual in @figma Let’s dive in 👇
Add a new frame and make some space at the bottom for your personal branding (so everyone knows who made this masterpiece!)
Grab the pen tool and draw a random shape that you like, make sure to give the stroke a LOT of weight and rounded caps. Yes this looks weird, but we’ll make this awesome in the next steps!
To give this line some depth, add a lot of inner shadow, but make it white. (Yes, you read that correctly 😅) Play around with the offset until you find the settings that give you a similar 3D look like this: Tip: try to use multiple layers of inner shadow to give more detail ✨
Now add some more “inner shadow” with a grey tint, and give it a negative offset. You should get something similar to this👇
Need some more help with the effects? Got you covered! I’ve made some examples public in the @figma community — just grab one from the file:
Now that we have the base, let’s add some type! Choose a cool display font and vibrant color for this. The font I used is an upcoming font of Mike Wills, check him out here:
Now add some abstract elements to the poster and use a light grey for these. This can be anything, just play around with basic shapes and see what you can come up with! Rotate, scale, stretch — Try it all ⚡️
To add some detail, we are going to add some more type, but this time small text as filler. This can be anything from lyrics to code snippets. Everything goes! (Except lorim ipsum, never go that route 😂) Make sure to only use your chosen hue & grey for these elements.
Now we’re getting somewhere! Once again, grab the pen tool and draw a couple of “blobs” Choose a nice contrasting hue for them and set the blending mode to “hard light” (or whatever one looks great in your composition!)
Apply some blur effect to these “blobs” so they blend in a little bit nicer in the overal composition, and reposition/scale if needed
For the finish touch, use the @figma noise plugin to add some grain to your poster (I use an opacity of +/- 20%)
And that’s it, I hope you learned something! If you did, please retweet this thread so more people can see it 👊✨ See you at the next one, -F

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