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#Bitcoin fixes "The Great Reset." A thread on why bitcoin is the only way to stop the Global Elites' agenda. 1/X
2/ I recently wrote a comprehensive thread on The Great Reset. Explaining the Global Elites' plan to consolidate power over food, energy, and money. Many people were on board until I mentioned #bitcoin as the solution.
Jackson🌊 @macrojack21"The Great Reset." A comprehensive thread on the Global Elites' plan to control food, energy, and money. What's their intention, and what can we do about it? 1/
3/This thread will further expound on how #bitcoin counters the Great Reset. It's as simple as: "who controls money can control the world." - Henry Kissinger. But let's explore this in more detail.
4/ Money is simply a tool to store wealth, exchange value, and measure units. It's the base layer of civilization. The incentive system for human action. Over time, humans selected precious metals as money. Because they best exhibited 5 properties of money:
5/ • Divisibility - easily divided. • Durability - hard to destroy. • Portability - easily moved. • Recognizability - easy to verify. • Scarce - hard to make. Scarcity is the most important. To store wealth over time and advance civilization, money must be scarce.
6/ Unfortunately, today, we have fiat money. Money that is decreed by the government and backed by nothing. The Fiat Standard started in 1971 when Pres. Nixon ended the Gold Standard. However, the Fed was created in 1913, & other central banks much before that.
7/ The issue w/ fiat money is it is easily corruptible. There are NO constraints on the creation of it & the rules (monetary policy) change constantly. Benefitting a small group of elites. Fiat's corruptibility distorts economic signals & incentivizes immoral behavior.
8/ Fiat's predecessor, the gold standard, was a more sound system due to gold's scarcity. Increasing the supply of gold was constrained by time & capital. The process of identifying & exploring mines, extracting and refining the metal inhibited man's ability to inflate supply.
9/ However, gold & silver were corrupted by debasement. A process of melting down metals and reissuing coins w/ lower precious metals content. Fiat money has reduced the cost of corruption to nearly 0. Bankers/Gov can print fiat money with a keystroke.
Jackson🌊 @macrojack21Monetary Debasement: The Past, The Present, and The Future. How to survive the impending collapse. 🧵👇
10/ Fiat money is the root cause of many societal ills, massive wealth inequality, and human suffering. It's a corrupt monetary system based on THEFT. Called 'inflation' by fiat academia, economists, politicians, and bankers. Inflation = expansion of money supply.
11/ Example: You have $100 out of $10,000 in circulation; however, the Gov/Bankers print more $. They increase the money supply by 40%. Now there is $14,000, and you have the same $100. Your purchasing power has been stolen and transferred to those who receive the new money.
12/ Fiat is Elitist money. They print it to enrich themselves, and its centralized issuance allows them to control capital allocation. The Federal Reserve / Gov printed $6.4 TRILLION in 2020/21, benefitting the elites tremendously.
Jackson🌊 @macrojack216/ The Federal Reserve / Gov printed $6.4 TRILLION in 2020/21, benefitting the elites tremendously. The 2021 Forbes Billionaire list included 2,755 ppl w a total net worth of $13T. An increase of 660 ppl & $5T of net worth from '20. 86% of them had more wealth in '21 than '20.
13/The corruption of money has led to the corruption of all else. Capital allocation is politically driven rather than economically driven. Fiat funds institutions, like the WEF, that promote Elitist agendas. Fiat is a social credit system.
14/ Those who position themselves close to the money printer and push the Elites' agenda are rewarded. @saifedean writes in "The Fiat Standard," "Fiat increasingly divorces economic reward from economic productivity, and instead bases it on political allegiance."
@saifedean 15/ The Great Reset, a plan to control food/energy/money, is only possible with fiat money. They print money to enrich themselves, fund organizations to mouthpiece their agendas, and bribe people for their allegiance. They control capital allocation w/ the money printer.
@saifedean 16/ To defeat the Great Reset, we must defeat the Elites' monopoly on money. And we have an opportunity to do so. By transferring our wealth to a new monetary system. A system that works for everyone, not only those who control it. We need a separation of money & state.
@saifedean 17/ #Bitcoin is the antidote to the GR. A peaceful monetary revolution. A money that gives individuals sovereignty over their finances. A restoration of integrity in civilization's base layer, money. A shared honest ledger that cannot be corrupted by man.
@saifedean 18/ There will only ever be 21 million #bitcoin. The Proof of Work consensus mechanism secures the network, and the nodes validate the network. There are tens of thousands of nodes globally. Good luck shutting that down or co-opting it to change the rules.
@saifedean 19/ Similar to gold, there is a real-world cost to produce #bitcoin. Bitcoin uses massive amounts of electricity to secure the network. "#Bitcoin takes electricity and hardware as inputs & produces savings protected from inflation & fraudulent manipulation." @saifedean
@saifedean 20/ Proof of Stake, the other popular consensus mechanism adopted by ETH, is essentially fiat money. Those with the most ETH can stake it to influence the protocol. POS sacrifices decentralization and security for "being green." However, money for nothing doesn't work.
@saifedean 21/ Additionally, #bitcoin was created by the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi remained active in the development of bitcoin until 2010 but then disappeared. Since then, his bitcoin wallet has not been touched. Bitcoin's humble beginnings and his anonymity are important.
@saifedean 22/ ETH & others were created after BTC to cash in on the hype. They have known founders & teams that can be easily co-opted by Elites. They are not decentralized or secure. SEC Chairman even stated that "the vast majority" of cryptos are securities.
@saifedean 23/ To conclude, #bitcoin is the innovation. Incorruptible sound money. It's the truly decentralized peer-to-peer digital cash that will defund the Elites. Bitcoin will defeat the Great Reset by ending the corrupt fiat money system. "Freedom in the digital age" @MartyBent
@saifedean @MartyBent 24/ By restoring sound money for humanity globally, #bitcoin will usher in a period of human flourishing. Empowering every individual in the world, not only the Elites. Bitcoin will lead us to prosperity & abundance and away from serfdom. We're going to win.
@saifedean @MartyBent Fin/ Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this thread, I would appreciate a RT and follow. Please spread the good word & have a great weekend.

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