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#Monero position for the next cycle is very very big. As you could understand, with the FTX rug, gocs will want to more restrict usage of crypto. And what's good is XMR dont care of their regulations since we see more and more DEX integrations. —
@bisq_network acts as an on/off ramp where you can buy/sell BTC for FIAT without KYC + a XMR/BTC pair and it's multisig. A strong usecase ! @IncognitoChain as a Uniswap alternative where you can wrap/unwrap tokens with a DEX, theres XMR/BTC XMR/ETH XMR/LTC pairs.
#AtomicSwaps are getting mature, thanks to @comit_network, @MajesticBank will run a gateway for. That will gives you a cross-chain, trust-less and anonymous swaps 👻

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