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99.9% of PHYSICIANS HATE doing Medical Records reports 🤬 And they used to waste a LOT OF TIME ⏱️ Until now. I'm going to tell you how to get #ChatGPT to write Medical Records reports for us. Step by step thread🧵 #medicine #ArtificialIntelligence
1/17 😵💫The Problem: It is becoming more and more common for our patients to request a Medical Record report/summary. The general problem is that preparing the summaries is usually a TEDIOUS task that consumes a lot of our precious time...
2/17 The solution: #ChatGPT 🥷 ChatGPT is a new #IA model launched by #OpenAI a couple of weeks ago that took the world by storm with the spectacular results it achieves. Let's see how we can leverage this model in our medical practice.
3/17 ⚠️ Some preliminary considerations: These models respond to text inputs called prompts. We type a prompt, and get a text response.
4/17 ⚠️ It is convenient to try different prompts until you get the answer you want. In the tutorial below I will show the prompts I used, but you can try which one works best for you.
5/17 Let's start with the step-by-step: 🔰- Login to the ChatGPT website (if you don't have an account, you can create one for free):
6/17 🔰- At the bottom of the main screen, we will have the box to enter our first prompt and start the "chat" with the model. *We can see in the right column the "Limitations" of the model, which I will talk about at the end of this thread.
7/17 This model has been trained with texts on almost any subject. Since we will be using it for a very specific task (writing a medical record report), we must "put the model in context": make it clear and explicit what we want to achieve with it.
8/17 So, the first thing we will say to you (the first prompt) will be: "I am an ophthalmologist, I need you to create a report of the medical record of a patient." *Obviously, replace the medical specialty with your own.
9/17 🔰- Since we tend to use many abbreviations in our medical records, we will need to clarify to you what each abbreviation means. In my case, I used the prompt seen in the image:
10/17 🔰- Next we will pass the patient's data as we usually have them recorded for it to generate the report. I used the prompt in the image:
11/17 With that I got an almost perfect response:
12/17 🔰- And finally, I added this last prompt: "Generate the report in the form of a flowing text." This last one made that, in my case, the result is quite better and according to what I was needing. 🎯Final Result:
13/17 Conclusion: The result achieved is very satisfactory. Perhaps by doing some prompt engineering (playing and trying different text entries and different requests) it can be adapted to each particular need.
14/17 It can undoubtedly help to optimize the workflow of our clinics, achieving professional results with a minimum of effort and in a fraction of the time.
15/17 ⚠️ IMPORTANT ⚠️ NEVER use real patient names: we are uploading sensitive data to a third-party platform, which compromises privacy and confidentiality. Instead, we can use a fictitious name and then replace it in the final report.
16/17 ⚠️ #ChatGPT has certain limitations. It can occasionally generate incorrect information that "sounds plausible". For this reason, ALWAYS corroborate the generated texts, and remember that we are responsible for what we deliver to the patient.
17/17 🔥 ChatGPT is currently FREE. Eventually, it will be a paid service. We don't know yet how much it will cost, but for reference, the #GPT3 (DaVinci) model costs $0.02 per 1000 tokens (or 750 words generated). So it will be a more than reasonable cost.
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