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As I've gotten further into my design career, one thing is super clear: writing is such an extremely important part of the design process. Write frequently. Don't worry about writing well and perfecting every phrase for a design/strategy/etc brief.
Starting a new design exploration? Write a design brief to dive into the current state of things, problem, opportunity and unknowns. Starting a new workstream with engineers? Write a one-pager to talk about what it is, isn't, what's at risk if not done, examples and team process
Thinking about strategy for a large product area? Maybe start with an audit of existing product areas and upcoming needs, then talk about potential opportunities. Thinking about some new research you want? Write a one-pager about what you'd like to learn and why it would help
Want to clean up an existing product area? Write about broken windows/tech debt and opportunities with examples Diving into a complex animation problem with engineering? One-pager to describe all facets of the existing issue and proposed ways to attack the problem
And dozens more.. write and share frequently. Especially in our current covid remote working setup. The best benefit of getting into the swing of this over the years? Easy to search for and share out again. It's not lost in some slack/email/jira.

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