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**TIME 2 SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT @BurntBanksy ** 1/13 I woke up to yet another article by the @guardian this time claiming that @BurntBanksy were the 1st to burn RL art 2 turn it into an NFT without crediting the OGs that did that more than a year ago! It´s becoming a trend...
2/13 @svc_hb , @ajsmale , & I extensively explored that theme more than a year ago. Not for a cheap cash grab, but to demonstrate the power & validity of #NFT We actually believe in #cryptoart, helped build its foundations, & are not a bunch of opportunists.
3/13 @burntbanksy, the only thing u can take credit 4 is burning a Banksy, nothing more. Time 2 set the record straight or be forever known as a copycat & an imposter. I heavily document EVERYTHING I do; so here follows the series of posts about our Art burning experiments:
4/13 The 1st NFT-ART, yeah that´s how it´s called, "Bird on Gold | Digital Phoenix" was minted on @SuperRare & bought by @WhaleShark_Pro . U can scan it with @ArtiviveApp to see its destruction in #AR @cent Article |
5/13 My partner in crime @svc_hb even built a @cryptovoxels virtual gallery "Gallery on fire" dedicated to the matter. You can visit it here |,401N
6/13 After that, we pushed things further & came up with the concept of NFT +/- ART, leaving to the winner of the auction the decision to receive the physical painting or to have it burnt to render the NFT unique. @cent article |
7/13 The 1st NFT+/-ART, "Bird On Gold | Robin", was minted on @SuperRare & also bought by @WhaleShark_Pro who decided to save the bird & keep the original. @cent article |
8/13 Two of the next 3 NFT+/-ART "Hummingbirds on death row" were not so fortunate. Minted on @SuperRare & bought by @svc_hb , @ModeratsArt , & @johanunger . See how easy it is 2 credit people @burntbanksy @cent article| NFTs|
9/13 Then to push things even further, we sold 3 paintings ON FIRE linked to a short story written by my collaborator @ajsmale fully stored on-chain tx to @conlan #NFT scribe. They are also exhibited in @svc_hb Gallery on Fire. @cent article 4 info |
10/13 First painting of the series "A Fiery Passion 1/3 | Desire" was minted on @SuperRare & bought by @WhaleShark_Pro @cent article & @ajsmale short |
11/13 Second painting of the Series "A Fiery Passion 2/3: Lust" was minted on @SuperRare & also bought by @WhaleShark_Pro @cent article & @ajsmale short |
12/13 Third & final painting of the Series "A Fiery Passion 3/3: Romance" was minted on @SuperRare & once again bought by @WhaleShark_Pro :) @cent article & @ajsmale short |
13/13 Sry for the wall of tweets! But this needed to be said, credit needs 2 be given when due! The advantage of the blockchain is that everything we do is PERMANENT & tracable So @guardian & @burntbanksy, contact me if you care 2 set the record straight, I won´t let this one go

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