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One year ago, @mkobach tweeted that he "wanted to take what he knew about community building and apply it to his personal Twitter." Well, it worked. Today hes become a "lighthouse" for 100k people on Twitter. I asked him what that cmty building model was. Here's what he said...
Be Unbelievably Niche Today Matt tweets about all sorts of topics, but when he started he honed in really specifically on just tweeting about social media marketing. He didn't talk about anything else. No sports. No news. Just his topic. Followers always knew what to expect.
Be Consistent Matt would tweet twice per day, every day, for the last year. This helped him consistently learn every day, and gave him two opportunities to show up on his follower's feeds every day. So they got to know him really well. This leads to the next tip...
Compound Tweets Once people start to become familiar with you, your tweets will start to "compound". This is similar to @Julian's concept of affinity. When people already trust you in a topic, your words will carry more weight.
The Goal is to Be a Lighthouse "90% of people donโ€™t post, they just read. Get this 90% to look at your content." Become the lighthouse that the community thinks of every time they think of your topic.
Choose Topics and Platforms you Already Love Matt doesn't like using Instagram, snapchat, or many other social platforms. He enjoys Twitter, and loves to write and think about social media and marketing. If you don't truly love the topic, then don't focus on it.
Tap Into Ancient Wisdom Source content ideas by taking age-old concepts, things that people have been discussing forever, and apply them to something modern (like social media marketing). People care about the same things they've always cared about. Put it into today's context.
So much more wisdom from @mkobach in this conversation. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. ๐ŸŽง๐Ÿ‘‡

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