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Hi 555 Followers! ;-) Let me introduce myself & my art... i'm iuri brazilian electric engineer turned product manager and really passionated about music, visual arts, science, tech & nature. A thread 👇
A bit about my collages In 2003, during my Masters in Rio (digital audio analysis), i've made this art with my 2 roomies to fill our empty walls Something clicked... just placing photos near each other one can create an entirely new piece. 1 + 1 = 1 !
2003/5 went full on, ~130 analog pieces in 3 years (yep, i keep a log). From 2006, life happened & started traveling (OG digital nomad?), so production went down to ~15 pieces/year (~1 per month). In 2015 i got an iPad and switched only to digital.
Here's my 'artworks productivity graph'! (analog & digital) 2004-05 : in love w/ analog collages 2006-14 : life & travels 2015-20 : iPad Pro (full on digital) & travels 2021 : NFTs
Heard about NFTs in Jan/21, primarily interested as a proper place to store my collages. Fell in love with the welcoming community and all amazing artworks. And now i'm spending more time collecting pieces and helping friends, then selling. ;-)
Next thread will be about some of my different collage themes (stairs, paintings, science, nature, ...). But you can already see them on my portfolio:

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