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Some personal news: I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be joining @ProductHunt as a Community Programs Manager It feels surreal writing these words as my love story with PH goes back to 2018! It gave me so much so far and now it's my turn to give back Here's my PH story 👇
It was 2018 when I got introduced to a platform that help people to discover new products and makers to launch new projects. I was instantly hooked as I have an innate passion towards building products and getting inspired by them on a daily basis. It was love at first sight!
Back then I was a lurker commenting on newly launched products, encouraging the makers, sharing my $0.02, giving product feedback and just participating in the community. It was all because I formed a daily habit of spending 30mins on PH(which I still do) going through the feed
Massive thanks to PH, a product called Follow Friday helped me find out no-code. I promised myself that I will ship a product in less than a month. I did launched on PH and it went #3 product of the day thanks to the incredible community who welcomed me with wide arms
Fast-frowarding to 2021, I applied to Head of Community role and started talking to @EJSnowdon. While I don't have the experience PH is looking for, Emily suggested a different role. Surely the Shoutout wall helped in the process:
Sharath 📣 @5harathUpdate: I just applied to a position at @ProductHunt I fundamentally believe community is the moat and have been living on that fact for the last three years and PH stands as a symbol for it! Hence this is my dream role and here's why I'm applying 👇🏽
I started the interview process with @ahiggz and met a couple times discussing how to build programs that help founder/maker community! She saw my passion towards building communities and serve them by creating value first. Fast-frowarding today, PH made an offer and I accepted!
What is there for PH? I'm going to bring my A game serving the best community I ever know by taking value-first initiatives with a service-mindset. I'll strive to bring the best out of the community, celebrate founders/makers, help them with building/launching/growing products.
What is there for me? I'm fairly new to startups and doesn't have the credential leverage. This opportunity opens up that and I get to learn a lot as a operator building long-term relationships with people while also focusing on personal growth as a founder.
In the last 2.5yrs, I shipped 8 more products, won a Maker Festival Award, nominated as community member of the year(2019), named as Maker Grant Receipient, learned how to build community, launch products, talking to customers, made a lot of friends and now about to work for PH!
While all this is good, some of you might ask what about @shoutoutso_ It would still remain as a side project and as usual. I will build in public with @curtisjcummings, share our progress, highs & lows, serve our customers and amplify, educate people on social proof!
I want to take a moment and thank @EJSnowdon and @ahiggz for making the hiring process so smooth and putting trust on me! I can't wait to start my new chapter with @ProductHunt under @joshbuckley leadership and work with an amazing team @rrhoover built over the last 8yrs.
Give me a follow here @5harath to follow along my story and I take incredible initiatives at Product Hunt! Thanks for reading and see y'all on the other side 🙏

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