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A lot of students have trouble understanding why we reference and that there are different kinds of references. But what references do is hone your observant and critical eyes. With concept art/ 3d modeling/ animation - references are a must.
There can be emotional or abstract references, which can be there to evoke feeling and emotion - very critical ingredient to art.
Technical references to understand form and anatomy
Textural references for surfaces
Understanding the unique variations in feet for creature designers.
Even though I work digitally, practical effects and makeups are my main influences in sculpting.
I always look for animals with a lot of character and personality.
Inspiration doesn't have to be rigid - it can be sourced from a wide variety of places. Look at all this stuff. LOOK AT THIS STUFF.
Back to creepy shit. Just because I like creepy shit.
I like interesting people too.
Oh and Scan Data! Scan data is rocket fuel reference for sculpting inside of Zbrush
This lighting style guide you'll see everywhere and for good reason. Lots of great lighting possibilities.
Then there's general mood reference. For the vibes ya know?
Anyway, thanks for coming to my "Look at this neat stuff I found on the internet" thread. It was probably pointless, but now you know that I look at a lot of stuff when working. Here's some old school nifty diving suits.

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