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24/ Right Click Save As Every non-NFT person's first "gotcha" move when learning about NFTs - demonstrating their vast technical capacity to download an image from a web browser. Civilian: "I Right Click Saved 6529 and now it is my PFP" 6529: "Go right ahead"
25/ This is the way A way to commend socially positive behavior "She never shilled her project" "This is the way"
26/ Floor Price The lowest available asking price on OpenSea / Larvalabs/etc either for a collection as a whole or for a subset of the collection. "Golden Snails have hit a 3ETH Floor, but Golden Snail Nerd Glasses are 12ETH floor this morning"
27/ OG OG means original gangster. First become popular through 1990s hiphop, the super-Lindy term just flows through community after community. It means the folks who were here early and earned respect. "He is an OG punk holder"
28/ Alpha Alpha is a term from the investing/hedge fund community representing the outperformance generated by the skill of the asset manager vs beta (the market's performance). Most people's alpha IRL and in crypto is beta in disguise. "She dropping serious alpha today"
29/ Its Money Laundering This is meant to suggest that NFT prices are not real because people are using NFTs to money launder. The exact mechanism of how this works in highly liquid markets is never described. This is a specific form of IRL and crypto twitter coping about NFTs
30/ JPGs JPGs refers to our NFTs that might be JPGs or GIFs or PNGs or audio files or video files or computer games. It is reclaiming a cope/insult for the community given many normies think "but you are just buying JPGs, are you mad?" "They will never steal our JPGs"
31/ Delist Delist your NFTs from Opensea (no longer offer them for sale) because prices are rising rapidly and they might get sold and market expectations of their value has changed. "Golden Snail 5ETH floor. Delist!" Also related to: "Hide your JPGs"
32/ Discord A messaging platform heavily used by NFT twitter for NFT project communities. Discord is all of: a) useful b) overwhelming c) full of scammers d) will eat all your CPU cycles e) default set to annoy everyone within miles with notification beeps
33/ Roadmap The set of activities an NFT project (usually PFP) will plan to do to add value to a community. Roadmaps are viewed as desirable in PFP projects and insulting to ask for in art projects. Needs some care to not accidentally violate securities laws
34/ LFG Let's F***ing Go. Used when you are excited about something. Best used with rocket emojis. "New Golden Snail mint. LFG πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€"
35/ Few Few is short for "few understand". Like "probably nothing" it is polite FOMO. "MOMA bought a punk. Few"
36/ Gas or Gas Wars The state of chaos that ensues when all of NFT twitter tries to mint the same project at once, driving up gas prices for the whole Ethereum network. The hardest unsolved problem in computer science - there is a Nobel Prize in this for someone.
37/ Ded Ded is short for dead. Also, see "deceased" "I sold my Fidenza for 5ETH. I am deceased."
38/ Rug Rug is short for rug pulled. It came from Crypto Twitter and particularly DeFi where a lot of projects pumped and dumped on retail. Not 100% sure if rugs as a concept make sense in the context of JPGs, but it is used for devs who run away from their project +/-
39/ IYKYK If You Know, You Know This is, like "few", a polite form of FOMO in most, but not all usages. "MOMA bought a punk. IYKYK"
40/ Derivatives Projects derived from the original project, first popularized with a wide variety of "alternative" punks. The intelligent view on derivatives is that they are fine, enhance the brand of the original and everyone should stay cool about them.
41/ Noob/Pleb Newbie and Plebian. The opposite of OG. The polite way to use these terms is only about yourself. "6529 is such a noob. I can't believe I forgot to mint the Golden Snail"
42/ Seems legit "Seems legitimate" in other words, the project looks serious and potentially with good prospects. Can be used straight or ironically about a project's prospects "I am launching Baby Fast Food Golden Snails on Solana" "Seems legit"
43/ Meatspace Another term for "IRL". That vaguely annoying reality where the laws of physics and biology apply. Not highly recommended. "Meatspace issues today. Car tire blew out"
44/ Buying on secondary When you fail to mint a project and have to buy on opensea. Comes from finance world - primary stock sales are directly from company; secondary is what you trade day to day. Almost all action is secondary. "Missed the mint, gotta buy on secondary"
45/ Schelling Point A game theory term people believe applies to NFTs (and BTC) Specifically that certain NFTs will become stores of value and, as such, become more of a store of value, storing more and more value in those NFTs See: Up Only
46/ Up Only (updated with correct provenance) Up Only (see earlier in thread) now correctly credited to @Cryptopathic. I knew/forgot that. Must be getting old in meatspace.
path.eth πŸ›‘οΈ @Cryptopathicup only
47/ Wen moon? This one comes from CryptoTwitter and refers to the price of your NFT ascending to the moon which is very far away Less popular in NFT Twitter because we are a bit less financial over here. Used more ironically. "6529 x Golden Snail collab" "Wen moon, ser?"
48/ Valhalla An enormous hall where dead Vikings party alongside people with valuable NFTs. See also: Heaven "6529 is either ascending to Valhalla or heading to McDonald's"
49/ DYOR DYOR means Do Your Own Research The person telling you this is (correctly) disclaiming responsibility re the question of if an NFT is right or wrong for you "I aped Golden Snail, but DYOR"
50/ Aped This one has come straight from Crypto Twitter. It means "take on a large position relative to one's own portfolio size" Apes have a strong NFT history - first, the famous 24 ape punks and then with Bored Ape Yacht Club. "I aped Golden Snail, but DYOR"
51/ NFA NFA means "Not Financial Advice". It is related to DYOR. Again, someone shares an idea, but your job to decide if it is for you. "I aped Golden Snail. NFA"
52/ This is the way (continued) A bit advanced for today's lesson, but yes, 6529 will allow
Suki @SukiEditions@punk6529 Also a daoist mantra inspired by a cryptic sci-fi cult
53/ Mam Mam is short for "Ma'am" Like Ser, this is also a respectful way to introduce or share an alternative point of view "Mam, I prefer my Golden Snail"
54/ Degen Degen is short for Degenerate, meaning taking unreasonably high trading risks "All non-Degen trading punished in Up Only 1:1 szn. Few. LFG πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€. NFA. DYOR."
55/ Maxi Derived from Bitcoin Maximalist. The belief that your crypto-chain is above all the best It has now made it to NFTs. "he is a punks maxi. missed BAYC. coping hard"
56/ Salt Salt, as in salty, as in your tears, when you are coping. "Golden Snail is just a rug. 6529 shilling all day" "So much salt"
57/ Love to See it / Hate to See It These can have their normal English meaning or the opposite. DYOR! "Her NFT made the MOMA. Love to see it" "Celeb cash grab project site down. Hate to see it"
58/ Rekt Rekt is short for wrecked, for when the state of your portfolio looks like a car crash. This is not desirable, but often unavoidable. "Got rekt trying to go short the Golden Snail. NGMI"
59/ DAO Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Smart contracts with their own tokens and governance that own assets and take actions. Endless potential, but πŸ‘€for the SEC "I am launching my hoodie nerd glasses DAO next week"
60/ OK Boomer Something you can say to anyone more than 22 years old whose opinion you disagree with. "The Golden Snail is not real art" "OK Boomer, NGMI"
61/ They When you don't know the gender of the anon character you are interacting with. "Love coolcat5434. They are a great collector"
62/ "I see what you did there" When you note a smooth move from one of friends, competitors and collaborators in the metaverse. A mark of respect mostly Self-contained, does not require a sentence.
62/ Shilling Being annoying loud about getting people to buy your art or buy your bags. Or trying to generate FOMO among others. Don't do it. Nobody likes it. "Here goes he goes again shilling the Silver Snail"
63/ Your Bags Your bags, like 6529's suitcase before a long trip, are heavy. They are heavy because you packed too many NFTs in them and you are now are trapped in an illiquid position. [Record scratch, 3 days earlier] "Bags packed on the Silver Snail! LFG!!! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€"
64/ Sweep the Floor The act of sweeping all the floor (lowest) priced NFTs in a collection into your wallet. Often the step before discovering your bags are too heavy. "Just swept the floor on the Silver Snail!"
65/ FUD Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. An old sales trick, most commonly attributed to Microsoft in the 1990s. Here it is repurposes for price predictions, namely to complain that they are too low. "2,500 ETH floor for Fidenzas in 2025 is FUD"
66/ GOAT 🐐 Greatest of All Time. Pure respect and homage. "He is the🐐Golden Snail trader"
67/ Gang Gang Nobody can explain it well. Basically frens with the same JPGs as you, but I am not thrilled with my explanation either. "Gang gang"

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