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1| Resources for learning Solidity smart contracts development for beginners(#Web3). 🧵
3| First, before diving into Solidity, you have to have a good understanding of how the Ethereum Blockchain works, what smart contracts and Dapps are, and the EVM(Ethereum virtual machine).
4| For this, you can read Mastering Ethereum by @aantonop .Also dive into the Ethereum white paper and the yellow paper
5| Once you have a good grasp of how Ethereum works, now it’s time to learn Solidity. Here is an introduction to Solidity tutorial.
6| It covers up to version 5 and 6, so remember to refer to the official documentation for any breaking changes in the latest version.
7| You can also dive into cryptozombies for a fun way to learn Solidity.
8| Now that you have a good understanding, the next step is to learn Best practices and style of writing S.Cs. The best way to do this is to read contracts written by other developers.
10| Security is paramount in writing S.Cs ( I can’t stress this enough). So you need to understand the known attacks. Here are all the known smart contract vulnerabilities. Better safe than sorry!
11| To put into practice what you’ve learnt, you can try your hand at one of these code challenges( or all, don’t hold back!).
12| Gas optimization saves companies millions of dollars a year. Wouldn’t hurt to know how to optimize your code. Here is a series that’ll take you through all the basics of Gas Optimization.
13| For writing your code, you can use Remix(online IDE). I’ll cover tools in another thread.
14| People to follow if you want to learn about Web3, Solidity or related topics. @CardilloSamuel @oliverjumpertz @wslyvh @dabit3 @jklepatch @DappUniversity @useWeb3 @the_ethernaut @sassal0x
Feel free to add any useful resources I’ve left out👇

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