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We're thrilled to announce @TheSandboxGame Series B of $93M led by Softbank Vision Fund 2, the very first they do in crypto assets … Join our community to be part of this fantastic journey. A thread below 👇
1/ This investment round will help us scale up our growth strategy, operations, and player acquisition in @TheSandboxGame ecosystem while sending a clear statement that the world’s most innovative fund believes in Web3 and decentralization as the next major trend.
2/ Adding new strategic partners such as Liberty City Ventures and Galaxy Interactive will also benefit The Sandbox’s global reach and expand the network of brands, IPs, and gaming studios interested in entering an open metaverse focused on a player-owned economy and UGC
3/ The metaverse is a place where users will enjoy new form of entertainment, more immersive, playful, social, through 3D avatars and across multiple platforms. The Sandbox platform is built upon the latest tech with @Unity and Ethereum blockchain, where we co-created ERC-1155
4/ Gaming adds better interactions with controls, more gameplay mechanics and retention. It can be then expanded into music, fashion, architecture, art, events, virtual shows and so much mote. Our creation tools in Beta already count 30,000+ active users each month.
5/ We started on mobile in 2011, aiming to turn players into creators. Now we can truly empower both players and creators, combining UGC and NFTs to allow the Creators Economy to thrive and putting users at the core of the model, supported by our Foundation
6/ NFTs are paving the way to the future of gaming in virtual worlds, enabling new job opportunities in the Metaverse and the birth of a digital nation is born, with a booming economy
7/ Our #1 success is virtual real-estate with #LANDS, with 12,000+ unique LAND owners in the community. The total value of this virtual world now exceeds $2B
8/ Over 165 partners, including Snoop Dogg, The Walking Dead, Smurfs, Deadmau5, Care Bears, etc. also own LAND in The Sandbox and will contribute to creating a diverse, multi-cultural place that will make you want to come back into and further explore.
9/ The concept of virtual neighbourhoods plays a strong role in how communities are shaping together broader experiences taking places in multiple LANDS. Who doesn't want to be the neighbour of Snoop Dogg, Walking Dead or BAYC? This is only possible in the Metaverse.
10/ More than 50 NFT collections are actively engaged in building environments and worlds for their community, such as @BoredApeYC @GutterCatGang @VoxoDeus @CyberKongz Their holders can play and give life to their NFTs in @TheSandboxGame, adding extra utility and value to them
11/ We are supporting Creators by offering 95% revenue share and reinvesting 50% of all $SAND revenue streams into the Foundation, now worth $100M+, which gives grants to artists, creators and players.
12/ We believe in making this world fully decentralized progressively over time, allowing users to govern it via a DAO. Users owning $SAND, #LANDs or Avatars can vote into key decisions
13/ We wanted to thank our amazing community and supporters for making @TheSandboxGame what it is today. HUGE THANKS to each one of you, this achievement is first and foremost yours.
14/ So, are you ready? To embark into the Metaverse, live all sort of experiences, play, create and earn? PS: The first public #Alpha is coming this month 📅

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