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Phase 1 of bringing #web3 to is now complete! 🥳 I've added "pay what you can" with $ETH as an option for upgrading to Pro Curator. 👀 Unlike the $99 annual subscription, #PWYC is a ONE-TIME transaction. 🤯 5 reasons why...[thread]👇
1. Pricing is too subjective. For some $99 a year is too much, while others say I'm not charging enough. This option removes the guesswork and asks users to pay what they feel @twirlHQ is worth to them personally. 🤔
2. "Pay what you can" depends on trust to succeed. I have many BIG long-term goals with @twirlHQ and #curation is just the beginning. The more the community contributes to these efforts, the more they will get out it. 🤝
3. I believe #cryptoCurrecy is the future. This option allows @twirlHQ the opportunity to grow *with* $ETH and [hopefully] remove the need to depend on #fiatCurrency completely. 🤞
4. I *really* enjoy technical challenges like this. Researching the #blockchain, #ethereum and pushing through the challenge of implementing it into @twirlHQ was personally rewarding and just so damn fun to see it working. 🤓
5. I've never seen anything like this done before. Taking a leap of faith with #cryptoCurrency in this way is exciting and engages my curiosity to see what happens next...🍿
...thanks for reading this far! 🔥 Check out the new #UI live: #curatorsRule🤘

My Notes:

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Christopher John

Pro Curator

$99 /yearPay what you can